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Commercial Bridging Finance

The process of acquiring a property is seldom quick and painless. Negotiating your mortgage with a bank can take months, and even once it’s agreed, it can take some time to confirm and ratify the financing.  

In the interim, anything could happen. The extended timeframe might not suit owners who wish to sell as expediently as possible. They may receive new, improved offers. Your original financier may back out for spurious reasons, leaving you with little time to find a new source of funding.

Bridging finance can provide you with rapid access to short-term funds. The terms of these loans seldom exceed twelve months, are suited to clients who wish to borrow up to £10m, and have a clearly defined plan for repayment. If you need a little breathing room to negotiate your mortgage, commercial bridging finance can be a very useful facility.

Our experienced team is able to support your immediate needs and your long-term business goals: using our bridging finance by no means disqualifies you from using our invoice finance, business overdraft, or other products.   

We consider every application on its merits; we pride ourselves on our transparency; and we have access to multiple sources of funding as well as our own capital, and can guarantee funding once it’s agreed. If you’re looking for bridging finance, there’s no better option in the industry. 

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