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Commercial Property Loans

We operate differently to a traditional financial institution and are flexible like an alternative lender. This means we are willing and able to provide commercial property loans that banks and other Fintech and P2P providers won’t be able to handle.

The prospect of a £500,000+ commercial property loan alone is enough to make a typical alternative finance lender balk. Fail to meet one or two of their stipulations, and they’ll often reject an otherwise perfect applicant.

We’re less interested in criteria than standards. Our goal is to fund businesses that will succeed, not ones that tick every box on an arbitrary list; whether we’re dealing with a £150,000 mezzanine loan or a £5 million investment in new warehousing facilities, we try not to say “no” if we can say “how” instead.

We are transparent about our fees and charges, and we won’t take on a client we don’t believe in. When we agree to work with someone, it’s a vote of confidence; we’ll treat you as a business partner, and afford you all the respect a business partner deserves.

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