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Finance Factoring Company

Factoring is a far more immediate, ‘hands-off’ way for you to solve your cash flow problems. By selling copy invoices directly to the finance factoring company (the ‘factor’), you can secure an immediate cash injection and absolve your company of any responsibility to pursue or negotiate with delinquent customers.

Invoice factoring typically includes ‘bad debt’ protection. This is exactly what it sounds like: in the event of non-payment, the ‘factor’ provides interim funding. With no need to worry about cash flow, you can concentrate on your business goals.

If you want to pursue invoices internally (either regularly or on a discretionary basis) this is still an option, but standard practice is to outsource all collections activity to the ‘factor’. This model is often considered ideal for construction organisations.

At Nucleus, we are an experienced finance factoring company and we provide invoice finance services with much more flexibility than a typical lender can offer.

We endeavour to accommodate conventional and unconventional funding requirements alike, and will adapt to changing circumstances (such as company growth) wherever possible. Our in-house financial expertise allows us to offer a superior level of support and flexibility to that found in conventional bank finance. Get in touch to find out how we could help you.

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