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Second Charge Loan

Sometimes your business’s financial requirements exceed your borrowing capacity. If the bank won’t extend your line of credit, flexible secured loans from Nucleus can help. 
A second charge loan can be a good option for businesses looking to relieve cash flow problems. A second charge loan uses your property’s equity as security. In the hierarchy of repayment priority, the second charge loan is behind your mortgage and ahead of any subsequent ‘charges’ like third charge loans. Your mortgage provider gets paid first, the company that provided you with the second charge loan gets paid second – hence the name. 
At Nucleus, we’ve lent larger and smaller sums to clients in many industries; our secured business loans have kept companies afloat during emergencies and helped them bring their long-term strategies to fruition. Our reputation as a second charge lender precedes us: when you borrow from Nucleus, you’re signing up for a flexible, transparent, and fair experience.

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