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A new Nucleus Commercial Finance

We’re proud of the fact our company history is packed full of accomplishment. In just three years, we’ve lent and recovered over £350 million, our tailor-made invoice finance solutions have helped us carve out a niche in the construction market, and we’ve established a reputation for honesty, integrity, and consistency.

However, we’ve always been conscious of the need to move forward. Our clients have evolving needs, and we must evolve to meet them.

If you’re one of these clients, you’ve probably noticed that the Nucleus website looks quite different. The interface is more intuitive, the content is more diverse, and our key messages are presented directly and emphatically.

At Nucleus Commercial Finance, we’ve started an entirely new chapter, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for us and the SMEs we partner with. Here’s a brief overview of the changes and additions we’ve made to our portfolio.   

What’s changed?

Our site redesign coincides with a total company rebrand – and an expansion of our sales and marketing teams. We’ve increased our headcount because we’ve increased our range of services and adjusted our internal structure to accommodate them.

The new Nucleus Commercial Finance is ideally equipped to address a variety of financial needs. If you’re an SME owner looking for finance up to £20m in value, you can now benefit from a wider range of funding solutions.

Nucleus Overdraft ID

Nucleus’ new business overdraft product provides a financial safety net for businesses anticipating occasional gaps in working capital. The upper limit is set at £100,000.

Because Nucleus Overdraft ID is offered on a six month rolling contract, you never need to worry about your company’s line of credit being withdrawn with little notice, and because you only pay for what you use, it’s convenient to keep the facility in place for contingencies and short-term emergencies.

Nucleus Overdraft ID is developed, managed, and supported by a team that specialises in overdraft finance. It’s a new product, but our old principles still apply: no hidden fees, no pedantic rejections – and nothing to stand in the way of your company’s growth.  

Property Finance

Our new secured business loans property finance product encompasses bridging loans, second charge loans, and third charge loans.

If you’re struggling to secure finance for a commercial or residential property purchase, a bridging loan may be ideal for your short-medium term needs: the terms of your agreement can last from a few days to six months. We offer this facility up to a value of £5m, and they are ideal for companies with a clearly defined funding plan. For example, if you’re awaiting the outcome of a mortgage application and you need capital to ensure the transaction goes through, a bridging loan will help you secure the property.  

Our second charge loans use a percentage of your overall equity as security. The terms of your loan agreement can last from five to seven years, and (as with all our products) is subject to a satisfactory credit check.

Atypically for our industry, we also offer third charge loans for those with remaining equity – and perhaps more unusually, we offer them at attractive rates. We are happy to provide this facility because we have the financial expertise to structure this type of deal properly, so everyone involved benefits.

Asset Finance

To run a modern business effectively, you need the latest equipment. Of course, the latest equipment is seldom cheap, and your capital expenditure requirements can often butt up against the need to make sure your company has the appropriate tools.

Our asset funding product is designed to meet the growing capital expenditure requirements of modern businesses, and covers hire purchase, full-payout leases, and operating leases. It also includes refinancing – allowing you to unlock the capital residing in equipment you already own.

Invoice Finance and Construction Finance

Our invoice finance and construction finance products remain largely the same as before. Invoice discounting  and factoring are available for those who require a confidential or disclosed facility, and with ongoing support tailored to the daily cash flow requirements of SMEs. You can still advance against your invoices at short notice, and we’ll still transfer payments as quickly as is feasible.

The crucial difference is that you can combine this product with the above funding options to create a bespoke, a la carte finance package that meets your business’ precise operational needs.

We’ve built a name for ourselves in the construction sector over the years and we will continue to do lots of business with firms looking to overcome cash flow challenges. Our team of experienced quantity surveyors understand the intricacies of construction contracts – this means we’re better placed to service this sector with bespoke funding facilities, than our competitors.

What hasn’t changed?

The new products represent a fundamental shift in the nature of our business – one that benefits us and our clients alike. But for all the changes that we’ve made, a few things are going to stay exactly the same.

The success of every company is contingent on the favour of its clients. Throughout our existence as an institution to peer (I2P) funding provider, we’ve worked hard to make a good name for ourselves and to present a credible, appealing alternative to bank finance.

That work is going to continue apace: our core principles have informed everything we’ve done so far, and they will inform everything we do in future. We’ve never lost a client in our entire history, and we have no intention of reversing that trend.

Our Principles

At Nucleus, part of our appeal is that we’ve got far more flexibility than a bank. We don’t have a checklist, and we consider each case on its merits. If you’ve got the credit history and the proper documentation, we’ll do everything in our power to fund your business.

We’re also committed to providing the best financial advice. If your preference is for us to remain hands-off, we’ll stay at arm’s reach – but if you need more guidance, you’ll have a team of experienced, educated specialists at your disposal.

Finally, our asset finance, invoice finance, property finance, and overdraft products will be offered with unwavering transparency. No hidden charges, no ballooning costs: you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying at all times.

In a market where technology is often emphasised over finance, we’ve always focused on the things that matter most to our clients. All over the UK, SMEs with unconventional or atypical requirements are struggling to find the products they need to protect their existing revenues and stimulate further growth.  The new Nucleus Commercial Finance is able to help more of them than ever before – we look forward to working with you soon!
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