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Invoice finance calculator: work out how much is your loan costing you

All too often, invoice finance providers offer their customers discounted base rates to secure their business, and then add extra service charges to the deal or even, increase the fees hidden in the small print. Our invoice finance calculator has been built to reveal these additional costs so that you know the true value of your loan upfront.
Any unexpected costs can dramatically increase the true value of your loan over time, impacting your budgetary forecasts and undermining your long-term business growth targets. Given that financial assistance should help you achieve your commercial objectives, and not compromise them, it’s important that you enter into any agreement with full knowledge of what you’ll be paying for, when and why.

Most loan agreements, for example, include an arrangement fee of anywhere between 1% to 10% of the total quote to cover initial admin costs. This can add a substantial amount to your loan and throw out your original calculations with potentially challenging consequences for your business.
Our invoice finance calculator can also help you identify the cost of recurring survey or audit charges that may have been included in your loan agreement without your knowledge. These fees are charged to evaluate your assets and are very common, however, the actual costs can vary. Unexpected fees of £500-800 to be paid quarterly, bi-annually or annually could pressure your business into scaling back to cover these costs.
At Nucleus, we want to help your business succeed and grow, and believe transparency at all times is key. We don’t keep our loan fees hidden in the small print, we present them upfront and make sure you always know what you’ll be paying for.
You can double-check the total cost of any loan at any time with our invoice finance calculator.

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