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Alternative finance market uncertainties

The alternative finance market can be difficult to navigate, with an increasing array of lenders all offering their own variations and structures.
These issues are compounded by complicated comparison sites which rarely provide up to date information: as the market expands with a constant stream of new products, comparison sites are unable to keep up with the changes and therefore struggle to provide accurate information. Even if they could, without an in-depth understanding of the industry and market it is extremely difficult to compare loan providers effectively.
Consequently, a significant number of FDs have admitted that they don’t know enough about P2P and alternative finance. Clearly, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to educating the market.
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At Nucleus, we’ve lent over £350m in the past three years to SMEs, providing invoice finance services and secured business loans, and helping our customers to understand how they can use their assets to structure finance for their businesses and how flexible good P2P finance should be. As more and more FDs plan on borrowing money for their business in order to increase their cash flow and fund their growth, and as bank regulations continue to tighten, now is the time to seriously consider the alternative finance market.
We combine the in-depth financial knowledge and the stability of banks with the ease of access and the quick turnaround of P2P finance, to build a funding solution that fit the needs of your business, rather than a funding solution that requires your business to change.
For a more detailed look at the P2P and alternative finance market, download the Understanding Alternative Finance eBook now!
Download the Understanding Alternative Finance eBook

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