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What is property finance?

There are many different types of finance available, using a variety of different assets as collateral. Property finance itself may be confusing, so if you’re wondering what is property finance – we answer your question below.

Property finance is traditionally a secured business loan that uses a residential property, commercial property, or property portfolio as collateral. As a result, you can borrow what you need, when you need it.

Download the Property Finance fact sheet

It may also refer to finance used in a bridging loan when purchasing a commercial property.

Following on from the success of our property finance loans, we have put together a Property Finance Fact Sheet which seeks to dispel the most common misconceptions about property finance.

Seen as a last resort, many SMEs often avoid property finance loans when in fact it can offer quick access to funding at competitive rates. Based on our sector expertise, we have created a Fact Sheet detailing the benefits of opting for property finance over other types of loans.
The fact sheet explains what is property finance and how to go about acquiring a property finance loan. As with any loan there are risks, so we have included the potential challenges that you need to be aware of and how they can be side stepped.

At Nucleus, we are committed to making the process of securing property finance as simple and convenient as possible. To find out more information about what is property finance and how a property finance loan could help your business grow download our Property Finance Fact Sheet.

Download the Property Finance fact sheet

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