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Small business loan options: Property Finance

As a small business, cash flow and working capital are ongoing challenges, whether you’re hiring more staff, moving to new premises, or bolstering your stock due to an increase in demand, finance is required. There are many small business loan options, but finance can be very difficult to obtain, especially if you go via a traditional high street bank.

There are some options, however, that are easier and more reliable than others. One of these is Property Finance – a form of secured business loan which allows a business owner or budding entrepreneur to use one or more properties as security. Nucleus are happy to consider business owners using third party guarantors with property security.

As small business loan options go, Property Finance doesn’t have a great reputation: people usually see it as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. This shouldn’t be the case: there are many reasons why it can be of immense value to a growing small business.
Download the Property Finance fact sheet

Speed of delivery

Some small business loan options require you to fill out forms the size of novels and can take months to process – Property Finance isn’t like this. It offers quick access to funding at competitive rates and it usually only takes a couple of weeks for you to get the funds you need.


Some types of business finance are exclusively focussed on specific industries. Any business, however, can use Property Finance – be they hospitality, construction, retail, or any other industry.

Property Finance can also be combined with other types of commercial finance, such as invoice finance services, unsecured business loans, business overdrafts, and construction finance, giving you more funding to enable business growth.


While there are many different small business loan options, Property Finance is popular due to the potential size of the loan a business is able to secure. As you’re securing the finance against a property, lenders are typically able to loan you a lot more than you’d be offered if you were just looking for a simple business loan from a bank. Amounts can range from £25,000 to £15m.
Download the Property Finance fact sheet

What do I need?

To apply for secured business loans, you need a business plan and a cash forecast (for a new company), supporting financial information (for a more established business), and the details of the property you’re using as security.

Aside from that, you will also need to specify how much you want to borrow and for how long. When working with Nucleus, we require you to engage a solicitor to work through the Property Finance loan terms – this is to ensure you fully understand the agreement, and it will also protect you, as other lenders like to add in hidden fees into the small print!

If you’re looking at small business loan options and are interested in Property Finance – read our Property Finance fact sheet, or get in touch with our Property Finance team today!​

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