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Alleviate cash flow risk through better property finance

Growing businesses tend not to have much spare time or money and many find it difficult to assess and neutralise cash flow risk. But not doing so could result in a business ceasing to trade. Properly assessing your property and how it can help you finance your business is therefore critical.  

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​Property finance, a loan secured against a commercial or residential property, is often considered a funding last resort. There are frequent misconceptions surrounding these secured business loans, and many businesses disregard them without a second thought. They can, in fact, be the ideal solution for more complex funding requirements and well placed to help with small business cash flow risk, debt consolidation and business expansion.


Many of our property finance customers approach us having found it hard to secure any other loan, and as a result, change tack and explore using property as collateral.  


To decrease some of the major issues associated with property finance make sure you pay off additional charges against the property which might already be in place. Keep the property in good condition which in turn could increase its value.  


How can Nucleus help?  


Traditional institutions are notorious for their slow-decision-making processes. They often have to navigate reams of red-tape and generally require much more information than alternative lenders. A loan application that takes ages to approve, can add more risk to an already stressful situation.  


At Nucleus, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and bespoke solutions. We provide answers quickly, are committed to turning deals around as soon as possible and won’t hesitate to mix and match our facilities to provide the best solution.  

Another problem is that start-up SMEs typically struggle to obtain funding - particularly from tradititional lenders like high street banks. If they can obtain funding, the loan amount is usually on the smaller size and doesn't meet the financial requirement of the business.

We encourage new start-ups to approach us for funding. Subject to a viable business plan, a cash flow forecast and security we can provide them with a property loan, £25,000 to £20 million in value, on a short or long term basis.


We are very good at helping SMEs manage and overcome cash flow risk, get in touch with the team to discuss how our secured business

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