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Nucleus powering Hinkley Point

We first started talking to our client, a specialist construction company, who is a key supplier to the Hinkley Point project, last year. We were introduced to them through their adviser – a top four UK accounting firm.

This funding facility has been 11 months in the making. As decisions around Hinkley Point have fluctuated, we've been behind the scenes, working with our client through the uncertainty to make it happen.

With the long term nature of the contracts related to Hinkley Point, the traditional lenders and high street banks were not willing to support the business. At Nucleus we were able to understand exactly what was needed, we specialise in contractual debt and have in house Quantity Surveyors and experts to advise us and our customer.

We always listen to what our customers need and every time we fund a business it is a tailor made solution, unique to their requirements. We don't use a one size fits all check list, it's about taking the time to listen and work together to find solutions.

We saw a lot of potential in this business, and believe that with their Hinkley Point contract they will succeed and grow rapidly. Ultimately we agreed a total funding line of £3.8m, £1.8m in Property Finance combined with up to £2m of Invoice Finance. We're delighted to be working together.

Chirag Shah, our CEO, says that “The closing of this deal sends a clear message that non-standard lenders are fast becoming essential to British infrastructure projects."

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