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Link Your Business Finance Repayments with Your Business’s Card Takings

If your business accepts card payments from customers and you need a cash injection for your business then there is no better solution than Business Cash Advance (BCA). It is the best of both worlds; it works like a loan but the amount you can borrow is calculated as an advance on future revenue and your monthly repayments are relative to the value of payments collected through your business card machine. This means that you are only ever paying a fixed percentage of your takings and it is always affordable.

BCA is a finance instrument that can be used to maintain healthy cash flow or to fund any sort of business need, such as stock purchase, renovation, purchasing new equipment or expansion, in fact as long as the funding is spent on your business, we are very flexible about what you use it for. The amount that you can borrow is assessed on the basis of your card takings. Businesses can borrow up to 125% of their monthly card volumes, from £5,000 to £150,000 or more.

How Can Business Cash Advance Help Your Business?

Obtaining funds when required can prove to be daunting for small business owners, especially with so many different products on the market. If you are a new business or work for yourself, it can be particularly daunting and hard to meet eligibility criteria.
Business Cash Advance can help you tackle the following financial obstacles:

1.     Irregular cash flow or seasonal highs and lows
With BCA, you only need to pay back the pre-agreed percentage of your total card payments, so even during times when your business is not generating as much revenue, it is affordable for your business.
2.     Business growth and expansion plans delayed due to funding restrictions
BCA can give your business the right boost to take on a big project or to accomplish your growth ambitions by re-investing in your business.

Why You Should Choose Nucleus for BCA?

At Nucleus Commercial Finance, we understand the requirements of every type of business and ensure that the financial products offered by us are flexible to service their needs. Our BCA product has been designed and introduced after talking to business owners about the challenges they face, with the intention to create a product that, first and foremost, works for them.
We intend to be a driving force in helping businesses scale to new heights - boosting the finances of a business so that they can achieve their goals.
Our BCA product stands out from others for three key reasons – it’s fast, flexible and simple. In addition, a dedicated account manager will guide you through the entire process of finding the right funding product for your business needs. Finding funding should not be a stressful experience, you can solely focus on utilising the funds provided by us towards business improvement.

Fast Finance...

At Nucleus, we know that “Time is Money”, even small delays in receiving funds can have a big effect on your business. That is why we have a simple online form and keep paperwork to a minimum, unlike a bank. We are equipped in a way that means a funding decision can be made on the same day you approach us with a completed application and usually funds can be made available to you within a few days.

Tailored Finance...

A Business Cash Advance, provided by Nucleus, can be tailored to your requirement. The payback methods are structured to suit you and do not have strict, equal, monthly payments like a bank loan. Instead, you only need to pay back an affordable amount and there is no fixed time frame for it. Affordability is a huge priority because business owners shared with us that this is a major concern for them when seeking finance.

Keeping it simple...

It can be daunting to go through a lengthy loan application process but, with our straight-forward online application you can apply easily and make repayments through an automated repayment process.

Flexible Finance...

BCA finance is flexible, you can invest it in many areas of your business. You can take your business to the next level by using it for a big project, buying equipment or using it to expand or refurbish your premises. In times of financial instability, you can use it to improve your cash flow and gain traction. You can even use it to pay unexpected bills that might have come up suddenly or simply use it to purchase stock or to fund other day-to-day expenses.

Why Our BCA Product Is The Right Funding Solution?

Apart from having several business implementations, BCA is a sought after funding solution due to its high approval rates and eligibility from four months of card terminal history. With us, you do not need to pay any application fee, the product is unsecured and repayments are dependent on card sales. We do not touch your cash or cheque transactions and this ensures that your personal credit is not affected.

Speak to our expert funding team for overdraft, invoice, property, construction and asset finance solutions. Our products and services come with guaranteed expertise, honesty and certainty. If you’d like to find out more, please contact one of our credit specialists on 0207 839 1980 or email contact@nucleus-cf.co.uk.

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