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MCJ Fabrications

Type: Invoice Finance

Borrowed: £350,000

MCJ Fabrications Ltd, a leading supplier of Architectural Fabrication Services, was put in a financial predicament when two of its clients went bankrupt.
“We went into administration very quickly,” explained Mick Fortune, director at MCJ Fabrications. “We were about to lose some vital income and needed to access some funds fast. We went straight to the bank but it wasn’t a great experience. The bank had no real interest in or understanding of our needs and offered us a product that was completely wrong for our business.”
MCJ Fabrications then approached two or three invoice finance lenders. Nucleus offered the best solution and moved quickly to secure the necessary funds to help the business get back on its feet. “We understood the urgency of the situation,” said Chirag Shah, CEO at Nucleus. “Our approach is very different to the banks; we didn’t present Mick and his team with a check-list to complete, we analysed the case on its individual merit and reached a decision swiftly.”
“We were in a truly dire position,” said Fortune. “Thanks to Nucleus we’ve been able to employ more people, take on more work and are now earning over £400,000 a month. We are profitable once again and this is crucial to the company. The invoice finance services Nucleus gave us were competitive, flexible and transparent. Most importantly though, it allowed us to move fast and stay in business.”
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