Can I Get A Merchant Cash Advance Loan with Adverse Credit?

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Can I Get A Merchant Cash Advance Loan with Adverse Credit?

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If you have been shopping around the business lending market the first thing that you will have noticed is the overwhelming amount of choice. With further research into criteria and eligibility a Merchant Cash Advance has the most appeal for your business.

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a popular choice for small and growing businesses with plans for expansion or challenging lumpy cashflow. A Nucleus MCA allows businesses to borrow up to 125% of their monthly card takings. This can be any amount, from £3,000 upwards, as long as the funding is used for your business, it does not matter what you need it for but there are some uses that are more common than others:

  • Renting or buying a new premises
  • Refurbishment and expansion
  • Coping with the challenges of seasonality
  • Hiring equipment
  • Marketing costs
  • Purchasing stock

Once you know that a Merchant Cash Advance is the right choice for your business, the next big question is often regarding eligibility. And in addition, the worry that if your credit history is not squeaky clean you may struggle to be get approved.

So, can you get a Merchant Cash Advance with adverse credit?

The simple answer is ‘yes.’ Because of the way that your MCA advance is assessed and calculated, you can still be approved with adverse credit. Your card sales form the basis of your approval, not your credit rating. 

Unlike with a more traditional style of loan where you agree an amount to borrow and then repay using fixed monthly payments, with an MCA, it is much more flexible. In addition to the advance amount being calculated on your card takings, your repayments are too.

Whilst an MCA is not specifically designed for businesses with adverse credit, you can still be approved for an advance.

Application takes a few minutes and is quick and hassle-free, just like a Merchant Cash Advance. We understand the importance of quick decisions for any business trying to grow or facing challenges so we give same-day decisions with any fully packaged application.

If your application is not successful, there are alternative options you can consider. Nucleus Property Finance is an alternative product for you to consider. With Property Finance the funding provided is secured and backed by either a residential or commercial property. With this collateral in place, adverse credit is no longer an issue and your business can get back on track with the money it needs. 

So, if your business has been rejected for finance because it does not fit the standard lending criteria, get in touch with our team today to organise a consultation.