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Tamsin Naylor

Risk Manager

Tamsin joined Nucleus in September 2016.  She has worked in the financial and leasing industry for the last 18 years where she started out in sales before moving to work in risk for the last 16 years.  Previous companies include Ford Business Partner, Universal Leasing Ltd and most recently, Siemens Financials Services Ltd.  She stayed at Siemens for 14 years where, for six years, she managed the UK Flow Risk team. During her last few years, she also took on the extra responsibility of managing the Norwegian and Finnish risk teams. During this time, Tamsin built some solid relationships within the industry and even achieved a qualification in Loans to Commercial Finance in December of 2014.
Her current responsibilities at Nucleus include managing the underwriting of the secured and unsecured loans within Property and Professions.
When not at work, Tamsin enjoys spending time with her family, reading and travelling.

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