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Construction Finance

When you work in construction finance can be tricky – the following cash flow challenges are likely a reality for your company on a daily basis:
  • Finding money to pay wages and suppliers before the main contractor settles your payment application
  • Persuading the bank to extend your overdraft facility or sourcing competitive invoice finance solutions
  • Keeping costs down as the price of raw materials increases
  • Negotiating payment with customers who think it’s fine to settle invoices on their terms, not yours
These factors, amongst others, cause regular cash flow headaches for any company working in the sector.
Nucleus Construction Finance is a dedicated cash flow funding product designed specifically for SMEs / sub-contractors working in the cash-strapped construction industry.
We work directly in partnership with a team of experienced quantity surveyors who understand the intricacies of construction contracts and the challenges that contractors and sub-contractors face. Using a fixed rather than a variable fee model, we have removed the uncertainty associated with the costs of ‘traditional’ lending products, which is their principal downfall.

To find out more, contact one of our construction finance specialists or Quantity Surveyors today.

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