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Invoice Finance

At Nucleus, we provide invoice finance with more flexibility than a typical lender can offer.

We endeavour to accommodate conventional and unconventional funding requirements alike, and will adapt to changing circumstances (such as company growth) wherever possible. Our in-house financial expertise allows us to offer a superior level of support and flexibility to that found in conventional bank finance.

We offer several advantages over a standard lending service. The restrictions that apply to bank-funded invoice finance solutions are eased, and in some cases eliminated entirely. We won’t reject you for pedantic reasons, and we’ve designed our services to grow with your company’s requirements. If it’s possible to deliver the funding you need, we will.

At Nucleus, we’re also scrupulously transparent about costs. Fixed fees will vary according to each company’s circumstances, but you’ll never be surprised by unforeseeable charges.

We have years of experience with invoice finance, a variety of asset-based lending options to choose from, and many happy long-term customers. To find out more, please contact one of our specialists today.

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