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Commercial loan rates - the hidden fees you need to know about!

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Securing finance can be a frustrating experience for many SMEs. Not only can the approval process be rigid and the access to funds slow, but ‘hidden’ commercial loan rates can also make finance that seemed good value, unexpectedly expensive.
These hidden fees are one-off or recurring costs that loan providers often don’t present upfront. This lack of transparency can critically affect a company’s financial stability with unexpected increases to capital and operational expenditure.

Always check the small print

It’s important to carefully check your finance agreement’s small print and look out for the hidden commercial loan rates that could sting your company in the long-run. This attention to detail will help ensure that your business isn’t hit with unexpected costs.

Do you know how much you're really paying?

To help you understand exactly what you’re paying for and when, we’ve put together an eBook outlining the six most common hidden fees businesses you need to look out for when securing funding.

We take transparency seriously. Download our free eBook and don't let hidden fees catch you out.

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