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Funding Education: Problem Solving Using Alternative Finance

At Nucleus, we are breaking down challenges in the Further Education sector using alternative finance and product innovation. In this video, our CEO Chirag Shah outlines the new apprenticeship funding system, what it means for colleges and providers and how Nucleus is well equipped to help.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Apprenticeship Levy brought with it changes that most Further Education providers were not prepared for. The changes, which were very well intentioned and meant to unite employers and apprentices once more in more effective work place learning, were implemented in May.

How can Nucleus make a difference?

Since 2016 our expert Education Finance team has been pre-empting and exploring the issues surrounding the introduction of the scheme and the teething problems providers are already experiencing since it launched. In the feedback, there were several key issues that dominated fears. Managing the administrative burden placed on their already squeezed finance and back-office staff was a big worry as well as managing the very different requirements of Levy and Non-Levy employers, 

Nucleus can help ease the strain with our specialist consultations and product. In addition, our working capital product can make a huge impact in the cash-strapped Education sector, allowing clients to unlock their funding on day one rather than wait for the periodic payments, which could stunt growth or limit opportunities.

For all the answers to your top questions on this topic, with our in house expert, Phillip Speed,  and to find out more about our Education Finance products, download our brochure below.

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