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  • Industry: Recruitment: IT recruitment and payroll
  • Amount: £2m
  • Reason: Business improvements
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I couldn’t believe it when Nucleus said they could do it in 7 days! Their competitive pricing and level and speed of service beats our bank hands down.

Raymond Trew Senior, Director | Go Pay Care Ltd

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IT recruitment and payroll services provider Go PayCare Ltd, struggled when trying to secure finance with their bank. Changes in legislation had increased competition in the market, pressuring them to do business differently. Chairman, Raymond Trew Senior, knew that they needed to stand out from the crowd and for that reason wanted to offer more attractive credit terms to customers.

The first port of call was their bank but they were completely unhelpful, and the more they delayed the more the business suffered. Go Pay Care Ltd then approached Nucleus, and Trew Senior was pleased to learn that confidential invoice discounting facilities were available – and quickly too – the funding was provided in less than seven days.

Nucleus understood that Go PayCare Ltd needed flexible, fast finance to respond to changes in the market in real-time. Every business has requirements that are unique to them, so our team paid attention to Go PayCare Ltd’s specific objectives, timelines and growth targets – ensuring that they received the funds they needed, when they needed them.

Go Pay Care were able to achieve their expansion plans using the £2m Invoice Finance facility that Nucleus designed for them. If you need fast, flexible finance, contact our team today.

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