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Construction Finance

At Nucleus we take the time to understand a business’ story and that includes turnaround situations. We are highly experienced in helping businesses to recover and understand that for any business, it’s not always smooth sailing. The best thing to do is to be totally honest, we can work closely with you and your insolvency practitioner and if we feel it is viable, and a sound recovery strategy is being proposed, we will offer and tailor a solution to support your business to a more positive future.

Typically it takes around a month to complete the process, but can be faster or longer. The main hold up is often access to documents, make sure you are transparent with our team and have all your documents readily available to ensure efficiency. Once onboarded you will have access to your funding line within a day.

At Nucleus we are experts in funding contractual debt. We have many years experience working with construction businesses and this has enabled us to understand how payment works and the pressure it puts on working capital. We created Construction Finance specifically to meet the demands of the industry and fund against certificates and stage-payments and applications to help with cash flow. Our team of in-house experts and Quantity Surveyors will guide you through the process, from beginning to end.

After an initial call with one of our experts, and establishing the potential for nucleus to support you, they will arrange a convenient time to come to your business for a site visit. A surveyor, auditor and funding specialist will travel and meet you on site to learn more about how you and your business operate and view the necessary documents.

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