Nucleus is a leading fintech services provider. We fund businesses using our own capital, and we are also backed by a range of sophisticated investors, using a combination of our own money and institutional investments. Our investors have a proven track record of confidence in us, meaning we can provide our clients with the best facility prices and financial packages on the market. 

Nucleus Fintech: 

Financial technology has improved rapidly over the past few years, and has been revolutionised by leading fintech companies like Nucleus. By utilising advanced financial technologies with AI and big tech data, we streamline and improve banking and accounting processes, making us capable of offering a broad range of products quickly and efficiently. 

Through our fintech integrations, combined partnerships, and backing of different hedge funds, institutions, and banks, we can provide reliable financial services to our customers, giving them peace of mind that our commitments are always seen through with the same high standards that our partners expect from us. We work with confidence and professionalism. 

Nucleus is not a peer-to-peer lender, all of our facilities are offered directly through us, which means from the start of your application to its success, you will be personalising with our own team of expert financial advisors, without any third parties or unfamiliar faces. Before considering one of our financial facilities, we invite you to get to know us and our team here. 

Nucleus currently offers a range of three versatile products, covering a wide range of opportunities for business owners who are looking to expand their operations or even cover a rough patch in revenue. We specialise in unsecured and revenue based facilities, each with their own unique strengths to help a wide range of business types. Our facilities include: 

Business Loans: 

When applying for an unsecured business loan, we will consider a business’s overall financial health, along with their creditworthiness. Because there is no collateral involved with this facility, factors like your cash flow projections and general business performance in your sector will be considered. A few things that can help us deliver for you, would be to present a solid business plan, a good track record of your financial statements, and an ability to demonstrate a consistent income. 

Revenue Based Loans: 

For revenue based loans – a brilliant financial solution for growing seasonal and subscription-based businesses – we will take the consistency of your turnover into consideration. With a quick financial analysis to consider your income projections, we can determine the best loan size and term length, helping your growing enterprise maintain its operations effectively, while maintaining a comfortable repayment plan. 

Regardless of which facility type you are currently seeking, it is worth taking a look at all of our financing options to learn what your enterprise can gain from a well planned loan. We are welcome to inquiries and can be reached on – 020 7839 1980. Alternatively, you can request a call back at any time for your convenience. 

Across our currently available facilities, it is possible to borrow between £3K and £2M through both unsecured and secured loans. Our range of products offer something for businesses at all stages of their development, from start-ups, to fully fledged enterprises. 

Repayment periods, depending on the loan type, range from 3 months to 7 years, and thanks to our award-winning financial technology, we can streamline your entire application process, making it easier than ever to secure the funding you need. 

Nucleus Business Loans

The perfect solution for growing businesses looking to expand their operations and reach pique growth. Our unsecured business facilities offer affordable funding, from £10k to £2m, with term lengths running anywhere between 3 months and 6 years. 

This loan type is extremely versatile and can be used for a large range of company needs. From keeping the operation running smoothly with staff training and refurbishments, to expanding by capitalising on an upcoming investment opportunity. So long as your business plan and financial records are sound, you can start taking advantage of our unsecured loan type today! 

Revenue Based Loans

This facility lets borrowers repay a portion of their loan per month based on their turnover, and is an ideal choice for those who want to grow their businesses without sacrificing equity or collateral. Borrow up to 200% of monthly E-commerce sales and card takings (between 3k and 300k), with terms ranging between 3 – 12 months. 

Subscription, software, and season based businesses in particular are a few examples of business models that can take particular advantage of revenue based loans, especially for overcoming periods of ‘slow cash flow’ in between the booms and downtimes of sales. Due to the nature of this facility, while sales are low, your repayments will also remain low, and as business returns throughout the year, the size of your repayments will scale with the growth. 

If you are contemplating a loan to help expand your business, or you are in need of some financial relief, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert financial advisors and we can talk through your business plans together. 

Our competitive rates vary from product to product, and finalised pricing can be negotiated during the application process. Nucleus business loans are offered starting from an 8.5% interest rate, while our secured property finance starts as low as 0.91% per month on a fully amortising basis. For revenue based lending, we offer a factor rate ranging from between 1.15 and 1.35. 


A track record of your business’s financial performance, along with a record of your credit history will go a long way in determining what the costs of a certain facility will be. At Nucleus, our number one priority is to see our customers succeed and grow in their industry sectors, and we understand that paperwork alone does not always tell the full story of an enterprise’s health, as a result, we take every potential borrower on a case-by-case basis. 

Depending on the amount you borrow, and the facility type, we will ask for different levels of security. Although somewhat self explanatory, property finance typically requires an owner occupied residence to be offered up as collateral against the desired loan. We currently offer the maximum loan to value ratio for residential properties at 70%, and for commercial properties 60%.

To briefly demonstrate this, a commercial property valued at £100,000 could access up to £60,000 in finances. A third-party guarantor is also necessary to secure a property finance package, to add an additional layer of transparency and security between both parties. Specific details regarding third-party guarantors can be discussed during the loan application process. 

Despite our business and revenue based loans being unsecured, the backgrounds of any directors involved in operations will still be assessed, along with a financial analysis of the business’s track record and overall health. For our business loans, we require at least one director to be permanently based in the UK, while our revenue based loans are offered with the backing of a personal guarantee. Through this process we aim to get to know our clients, and work together to figure out an appropriate facility for their business’s current situation and where they are positioned in their industry. 

Open Banking: 

Along with these basic personal security requirements, as a fintech, we also require that our clients are familiar with and use Open Banking. For us to view your financial data and gain ‘view only’ access to your accounts, we need your explicit permission. 

Access to your Open Banking comes with numerous benefits. First, with a transparent, holistic view of your finances, we can easily determine your business’s overall financial health, and because everything is online it makes the loan application process extremely fast, with certain facilities being completed within a single day. 

If you would like to speak to one of our active clients, reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to put you in touch. At Nucleus, we pride ourselves on delivering great financial services, and going the extra mile for our clients. We have a range of case studies, detailing the stories of many successful partnerships and their experience working with us, here 

One of our most recent success stories features Terranova Cranes, who are a family run hire business from Surrey. When an unexpected crane malfunction saw an enormous negative impact on their cash flow, they were left unable to pay their quarterly VAT bill. After collaborating with specialist business finance advisors, the struggling firm sought to secure £65,000, and on the cusp of receiving their payment, the initial funding fell through. 

This led to Nucleus Commercial Finance being contacted. We stepped in on the day payment was due and by 5pm the required funds had been transferred, and our new client was set to pay their VAT! Managing Director of Terranova Cranes, David Grosse, commented – “The speed and commitment of the Nucleus team was crucial and it enabled us to resolve a short-term financial issue for our customer, without delay.”  

Nucleus was founded in 2011 by just three driven individuals, each with a mission to deliver a true bank alternative to businesses who were getting a raw deal due to increasingly slow and stringent traditional lenders. By 2013 our first £1M funded milestone was reached, and in 2015 we passed £100M funded and received our first CICM British Credits Award for finance provider of the year. 

Fast forward to the present day, and we are quickly closing in on our £3BN lent milestone. We have won 24 awards with sights on capturing more in the coming year. Our team has grown from 3 to 140 and while we have offered various loan types since our inception, now simply focus on 3 specialised areas where our expertise thrives. 

If you are interested in discovering our complete journey and would like a deeper breakdown of the current financial facilities we offer, you can learn all about us through our business brochure here. Whether you are an emerging enterprise, or an entrepreneur with a dream and a business plan, we encourage you to make contact, and look forward to hearing from you! 

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