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Property Finance

You can settle early, but you will need to pay the full outstanding balance. A potential 10% discount can be applied.

If you are unable to find a suitable lender elsewhere to refinance your short-term funding with then, subject to credit, we will refinance the loan for you.

For standard secured term loans and interest only loans up to five years, pricing starts at 1% per month. We also offer bridging loans starting at 0.91%

Once a valuation is complete and an offer is given the process is quick, usually around two to three weeks. The process is made more efficient if you have a good solicitor and make the required documents readily available from the start.

Your repayment date will be sent to you at the start of your agreement and will vary depending on the type of Property Finance you use. If at anytime you are unsure of anything, including your repayment date or your outstanding balance, call our team who will be happy to help and update you.

Property loans start at £25,000

Property Finance term loans are for up to seven years dependent on your requirements. With a bridging loan, up to one year and interest only, up to five years, although two is most typical.

Typically yes, to use Property Finance you must own a home or commercial property with enough equity to secure your loan, although we will consider third party guarantors with security.

With Property Finance we consider businesses of all maturities, including start ups.

We have helped hundreds of businesses like yours. Take a look at our Property Finance case studies here, to learn more about other Nucleus customers.

Property Finance is a secured business loan and involves either a 1st or 2nd charge over a property as security.

This will vary dependent on your tailored solution but you will know the full amount you need to repay up front, there are no hidden fees or surprises.

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