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Our Funding Process

Our funding applications are managed in four stages: principle offer, valuation, formal offer and payout. All checks and assessments are conducted in strictest confidence and we work closely with you to ensure there is zero disruption to your business. Deal stage time frames vary across products.


Principle Offer

When you get in contact, we'll asses your case and make you an in principle offer. If you'd like to move forward, we might require a small fee to cover valuation / survey costs.



After we conduct our valuation, we assess your loan facility based on the information we've gathered.


Formal Offer

Once the deal is approved by our experienced team, we make our offer. On acceptance we send over the necessary legal documentation which is the final stage.



The funds are then transferred to your business account and we step back and let you get on with running your business. Support will be available upon request, but all things being equal, we won’t be in regular contact. When we fund a business, it’s not simply a transaction, but a statement of trust.

Awards / Accreditations