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Asset Finance

Asset funding

Whichever industry you’re part of, there are often capital expenditure requirements to consider. If you can’t meet these requirements you can’t grow, and a business that isn’t growing is in a dangerous place. 
Unfortunately, capital expenditure can be challenging for growing businesses – many won’t have significant cash reserves ready to invest in the latest machinery or equipment, and will struggle with the ‘computer says no’ attitude all too often displayed by high street banks. And while other types of funding like invoice finance or an overdraft facility can help remedy cash flow headaches, they’re not the answer to your working capital problems. When you need to purchase equipment, or raise money through refinancing, asset funding is required. 
This kind of finance has a number of advantages for businesses. As it’s secured largely against the asset being financed, it reduces the requirement for additional security found in other forms of funding. Also, while bank loans and overdrafts can be withdrawn during the course of an agreement, asset funding, in the form of refinancing, provides a solid alternative. By securing the finance against your equipment, it allows you to tap into its residual value, this provides peace of mind to the customer and is why around one in three small businesses that have any external borrowing, use asset finance.   

Our approach 

We offer asset funding to companies with all manner of requirements – there isn’t a ‘typical’ business we deal with. Unlike a bank, we don’t look for reasons to turn down your application: our credit analysts are excellent at identifying great businesses we want to work with. 
Asset finance we offer includes: 
  • Hire purchase
  • Full-payout lease
  • Operating lease
  • Refinancing
We transfer funds as promptly as is viable, and if you require additional funding – whether that’s in the form of property financing, cash flow financeinvoice financing, or an additional overdraft facility  – we’ll provide it wherever possible. 
We’re an experienced lender with the expertise of a bank and the flexibility of an online alternative lending platform, so we can ensure that any repayment structure works for your business – we see ourselves as your long-term alternative finance partner. At Nucleus, we’re also totally transparent, with all fees detailed clearly up front.

How you’ll benefit

Vital for business growth – equipment can be prohibitively expensive. When you buy it outright, you’ll sink a large lump sum into your asset, and you’ll also take ownership of any potential problems: for example machinery needs to be upgraded on a regular cycle to realise increased efficiencies and profit, and vehicles eventually break down. Well-structured asset funding is therefore a strategic tool for business growth. 
Properly structured costs – asset finance is stable and predictable. Our expert asset analysts will help you understand the finance you can raise and what’s typical for other companies in your sector, ensuring your business investment is sustainable. 
No banking impact – accessing working capital through traditional sources can be hard, but while the bank may not have been able to support your business with purchasing or refinancing capital equipment, that doesn’t mean you want to jeopardise that relationship. Our asset funding team will help your business realise the value in your existing assets, all the while ensuring there are no ramifications on your business’s banking relationships. 
Flexibility – whether you want to unlock capital, spread the cost of an asset over a period of time, or refinance assets that you may or may not own outright, our team can help your business benefit from a flexible, bespoke funding package.   

Why Nucleus Commercial Finance? 

We offer a hassle-free, flexible, and transparent way to secure the asset funding you need to sustain your company and thrive. Our finance products and services can keep your company running smoothly, and, in freeing up your resources, provide a robust basis for future growth. With our wide range of products, we also provide an option of 100% funding for qualifying businesses.
Our in-house experts are experienced, scrupulous, and always consider claims on a case-by-case basis. What you see is what you get: you pay one upfront fee (alongside your regular repayments) with no disguised fees or charges. 
Our clients are our partners: we’re looking to forge relationships – and the best relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust. 
To discuss your asset finance requirements, contact one of our credit specialists today .

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