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Business Cash Advance

What Is Business Cash Advance?

If your business takes card payments and needs a cash flow boost then a Business Cash Advance (BCA) is the perfect solution. It works like a business loan but with flexible, instead of fixed, monthly repayments.

It offers you funding for any business purpose, calculated based on your card takings. Borrow up to 125% of your monthly card volumes, £5,000 to £150,000.

How does it work?

With BCA, you only pay back an agreed percentage of the card payments you receive, so even in the quieter periods, it is affordable.

Watch the video below for more information: 


How can it help?   

Getting finance when you need it can be a big challenge for business owners. That is where we can help. 

We understand that there is no longer a “typical” business model and that means that there cannot be a one size fits all type of finance. Throughout the year, takings vary, some months might be busier than others due to a number of legitimate factors. 

Fixed monthly repayments do not suit all - this product is designed to alleviate the stress of running your business, while still offering you an opportunity to grow.

With Business Cash Advance you can enable expansion,  whether this means a new project, premises or equipment. Improve your cash flow, help to pay unexpected billspurchase stockrefurbish or improve your premises.

In fact, as long as the funding is spent on your business, we are pretty flexible about what you use it for.

For more details on how Business Cash Advance can help your business download our infographic:

What are the benefits of Business Cash Advance?

  • No Application Fee
  • Unsecured
  • Does not affect personal credit
  • Renewals - can apply for more funds again and again
  • Payback is only on card sales
  • High Approval rate

Why Nucleus?

At Nucleus, we understand what businesses need. Our Business Cash Advance product was created by talking to business owners and creating a product that works for you.

We want to help you achieve your goals, that is why our service is:
  • Fast
  • Same day decision. Money in a few days
  • Flexible
  • Tailored to your business. Only pay back what you can afford, with no fixed time frame to repay
  • Simple
  • Online Application. Automatic Repayments
  • Human
  • Dedicated account manager. We understand your business

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Do you experience any of these challenges?

  • Lumpy cash flow or seasonal peaks and troughs: with BCA you only pay back an agreed percentage of your card payments so even in the quieter periods it is affordable for you
  • Expansion plans/growth delayed due to cash restrictions: BCA can be the injection of cash that you need to take on that big project or realise your growth ambitions by reinvesting in your business
These factors and many others are common reasons for needing a short-term injection of capital. 

If you need a cash flow boost, please get in contact with our team:
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