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Invoice Finance

Invoice finance

Why invoice finance? You often have to provide customers with longer credit terms than you receive from your suppliers, and your cash flow problems are then exacerbated when they don’t pay when they’re supposed to. This level of financial unsteadiness can leave you unable to pay staff or suppliers on time, and when this becomes a regular issue, the consequences can be devastating. Businesses only ever fail when they run out of cash.  

If you’re affected by this, you’re not alone – but the options available to companies looking to bridge this gap aren’t always suitable, or practical to use. Traditional cash flow funders will frequently exclude perfectly viable businesses because they don’t fit a set of precisely defined criteria.

Ensuring consistent cash flow is a concern for companies operating in the recruitment, construction, IT, and media sectors to name a few – but if you share this concern, you shouldn’t think of it as a problem with only one solution.

At Nucleus Commercial Finance, our team handles a diverse range of debt types across multiple industries. Our transparent, fixed-fee services are ideally suited to companies suffering from both straightforward and complex cash flow problems.

Confidential invoice discounting

Invoice finance page imageWhen you use our confidential invoice discounting service, we’ll pay you a pre-determined portion of the invoice as soon as it is received, and the balance will be settled when your customer pays in full. These customers will be entirely unaware that this facility is being used. If you prize discretion, this service is a major boon.

When you use Nucleus invoice discounting you won’t send any paper invoices. Instead, you upload sales ledger information directly onto our client manager portal. This is a quick, simple process that prevents any discrepancies in accounting.

With invoice discounting UK organisations continue to do all of their own credit control. If your company has the internal expertise to manage its sales ledger, this is usually an acceptable proposition. If not, you may want to consider factoring.


Factoring is a far more immediate, ‘hands-off’ way for you to solve your cash flow problems. By selling copy invoices directly to the financier (the ‘factor’), you can secure an immediate cash injection and absolve your company of any responsibility to pursue or negotiate with delinquent customers.

Invoice factoring typically includes ‘bad debt’ protection. This is exactly what it sounds like: in the event of non-payment, the ‘factor’ provides interim funding. With no need to worry about cash flow, you can concentrate on business goals.  

If you want to pursue invoices internally (either regularly or on a discretionary basis) this is still an option, but standard practice is to outsource all collections activity to the ‘factor’. This model is often considered ideal for construction organisations.

Our process

At Nucleus, we don’t take the banks’ ‘checklist’ approach to finance. Whichever form of finance they opt for, our SME clients always go through the same transparent, flexible process.

We appreciate that cash flow is a time-sensitive concern, so our promise is simple: we will always analyse your case on its merits, and we will reach a decision as quickly as possible. When you work with us, you can be assured that we’ll always keep fairness, positivity, and efficiency at the heart of everything we do.

How you’ll benefit

Invoice financing is an ongoing requirement, and it requires ongoing support. We think of our SME customers as partners, and we treat them with the respect that partners deserve.

We appreciate you process new invoices every day, so to fulfil your fluctuating financial requirements, we have optimised the way we work for maximum flexibility and accessibility. Our online portal provides a clear and easily understood breakdown of your borrowing capacity.

In the event that you need to advance against an invoice at short notice, all you need to do is send a quick email to our support team. If your pre-payment is approved, simply upload your ledger onto our portal and the funds can be transferred within a day.   

Why Nucleus Commercial Finance?

At Nucleus, we provide factoring and invoice discounting UK wide – and with more flexibility than a typical lender can offer.

We endeavour to accommodate conventional and unconventional funding requirements alike, and will adapt to changing circumstances (such as company growth) wherever possible. Our in-house financial expertise allows us to offer a superior level of support and flexibility to that found in conventional bank finance.

We offer several advantages over a standard lending service. The restrictions that apply to bank-funded invoice finance solutions are eased, and in some cases eliminated entirely. We won’t reject you for pedantic reasons, and we’ve designed our services to grow with your company’s requirements. If it’s possible to deliver the funding you need, we will.

We believe that the financial facilities we provide should not stifle businesses, but enable them. Our service is available in combination with products such as asset funding, business overdraft facilities, and property-backed secured business loans, allowing you to benefit from a bespoke funding package that suits your precise, long-term operational requirements.

At Nucleus, we’re also scrupulously transparent about costs. Fixed fees will vary according to each company’s circumstances, but you’ll never be surprised by unforeseeable charges.

We have years of experience with invoice finance, a variety of asset-based lending options to choose from, and many happy long-term customers. To find out more, please contact one of our specialists today. 

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