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Unsecured business loans - Cash Flow Finance

Cash flow can be an issue for any professional practice, large or small – and in any industry. When you lack funds at a crucial juncture, it can be disastrous: if you’re a successful business, a temporary financial gap can halt your growth; if you’re struggling, it can snuff out any hope of recovery. 
Perhaps you’re a lawyer having difficulty paying your outgoings until you’ve received a vital client payment. Maybe you’re an accountant who wants to rapidly expand your premises in order to make room for new hires.
Whatever your situation, you’ve likely considered using unsecured business loans: when offered on the right terms, they can provide you with significant financial flexibility. When you go through the usual channels, however, you may find yourself stifled, rejected, or subject to egregious hidden fees. Your typical bank will have extensive, arcane criteria: if you find yourself turned down for reasons you neither expect nor understand, you won’t be the first – and even if your application is accepted, the terms may be ungenerous or loaded with small print and caveats.

Why Nucleus?   

At Nucleus Commercial Finance, we understand the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach to finance. Professional firms and practices come in all shapes and sizes, and they need unsecured business loans for a number of different reasons. 
Unsecured business loans at Nucleus Commercial FinanceSome of our clients use this kind of finance to furnish new offices – though it may seem like a minor concern, it can, in some small way, define the character of your workspace. Some use unsecured business loans to fund their IT necessities: this might amount to a number of computers, a corresponding number of software licenses, and some servers. Perhaps it’s as simple as having to pay taxes at an inopportune time. 

Whatever you need, we’ll try to find a suitable solution. Our approach to providing unsecured business loans is tailored to the requirements of the individual borrower. We make a simple promise: we’ll assess your case on its merits, we’ll arrive at a decision quickly, and we’ll be honest and upfront about any costs.  

How it works 

If you approach Nucleus – with the right documentation to hand – we’ll evaluate your financial situation, your business’ history, and your likelihood of making repayments. 
We don’t use a checklist: if you pass a credit check and the evidence indicates that you’ll be a reliable, trustworthy borrower, we’ll typically offer terms within 24 hours – and occasionally earlier – when a bank might take days or weeks. Every client’s circumstances differ, but these agreements will ordinarily cover a 3 months to 3 year period, and will usually be between £25k-£150k in value. 
When companies like yours approach us for unsecured business loans, we look at the facts. At Nucleus, we don’t have a favourite kind of client: we’ve funded boardrooms for lawyers and new premises for start-up veterinarian practices; we’ve financed cleaning companies and pubs; refurbishments, redecorations, renovations, and more
If you need to stem a sudden cash flow gap, we’re the best option available. We have the expertise, we have the experience, we have the money, and we’re more than happy to customise a finance package to your requirements – it’s why we’ve lent over £350m to British businesses in little over three years. Furthermore, using one Nucleus product does not disqualify you from using invoice finance, property finance, or any other combination of our services.  
To discuss unsecured business loans, talk to one of our experts today.   

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