Flexible finance basedon your revenue/sales

A Business Cash Advance is finance that's based on your current and future revenue/sales.

You can borrow up to 175% of your monthly card revenue/sales, with finance available from £3,000 up to £2M to help achieve your business dreams.

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£3K to £2M
Up to 175% of monthly card revenue
Flexible repayments

What is a Business Cash Advance?

If your business takes card payments and needs a cash flow boost, then a Business Cash Advance (BCA) is the perfect solution. A Business Cash Advance – also known as a Merchant Cash Advance – is a type of lending based on current and future card revenue and works like a business loan but with flexible – instead of fixed – monthly repayments.

With a standard business loan, you will receive a lump sum at the beginning of the term and continue to pay interest for as long as the amount is owed. This means that the total cost of the finance will vary depending on how long it takes you to pay the loan back.

The difference between a standard business loan and a BCA is that, with a Business Cash Advance, the total cost of finance is agreed upfront. Repayments are taken from your revenue, and as this method of repayment is proportional, you will pay back more when your revenue is higher and less when things are slower. The total cost of finance, however, does not change.

The funding can be used for any business purpose and is calculated on your business card takings. If you’re looking for the best Business Cash Advance loan, you’ve come to the right place. With our Business Cash Advance loans, you can borrow up to 125% of your monthly card volumes, from £3,000 to £150,000 and above.

We combine the stability of bank finance with the flexibility and speed of alternative lending platforms and continue to support growing companies with the finance they need to flourish.

What can a Business Cash Advance be used for?

New premises

That perfect spot in town you always loved? With this loan, it's all yours!

Stock purchase

Get your hands on the stock you need with the Business Cash Advance.


Unlock your true potential. All thanks to our merchant loans. 

Find the right people

Hire new talent to ensure your business flies.

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your business has access to the finance it needs.

Unexpected bills

Handle whatever life throws at your business without needing to change course.

How can a Merchant Cash Advance help?


Decisions in minutes with our innovative, market-leading technology


Repayments are based on your card revenue, so you pay back little by little.


The entire cost is agreed up-front. No surprises or hidden fees, just one cost that won't change over time.

Applying for a Business Cash Advance With Nucleus

We want to help make life easier for you. That’s why we’ve made the process of applying for a cash advance in the UK as simple as possible. Below are the criteria you need to meet, the documents we’ll ask for and the steps for you to follow:


journey begins

Transform your business by completing our simple merchant loan application form.



Our award-winning technology will provide you with an offer in minutes.


your document

Sign your documents effortlessly from anywhere, any time, using any device.


The funds
are yours

Get access to your Cash Flow loan the same day.


You make
it happen

Use your funds to start changing your business for the better!

Get a Cash Advance now

Are you eligible for a Merchant Cash Advance loan?

  • You must take payments by card
  • You must have been trading for a minimum of 4 months
  • Your business must be registered in either England or Wales

What do we need?

  • A minimum of 1 month worth of card statements
  • Typically a minimum of 12 months' worth of bank statements
Apply for you Merchant Advance

We help thousands of UK businesses achieve their goals every year

Get a Cash Advance in the UK now*Applying does not affect your credit score

Getting a small business cash advance can give you the financial support you need in a variety of situations. There are many reasons why SMEs often require access to extra funds, including:

New premises

Have you got plans to refurbish or extend your existing space, or perhaps even open another location? A small Business Cash Advance loan could help you do just that.


If you’re looking to expand your business, merchant funding can be used to grow your team by helping you hire new staff or invest in your existing employees’ development.


Merchant business funding can provide you with the opportunity to get your hands on whatever stock you may need, whenever you may need it.

New equipment

If you’re looking for new equipment to extend your offering, or would like to upgrade existing technology or machinery, look no further than Nucleus as your Business Cash Advance lender.

Working capital

If you’re still relatively new, merchant lending could cover set-up costs and help you find your feet.

We have already lent over £2billion to UK SMEs – and yours could be next. Here are just some of the reasons why we’re seen as a premier Business Cash Advance lender:

Fast service

If you are looking for a Merchant Cash Advance in the UK and you need it quickly, you’ll be happy to hear that we offer same-day approval and funding with a full packaged application. Apply online in minutes and receive a quick decision.  

Flexibility Our quick Business Cash Advances are tailored to your business. Your company will only pay back what you can afford, with no fixed borrowing term.


The application process is simple, and you can apply for a BCA in minutes. Unlike other cash advance companies, with us you can expect hassle-free repayments, which are calculated automatically.

We’re human

We have an expert team that are always on hand to help. When you apply for a BCA with us, you will receive a dedicated account manager. Our team understands your business and knows how to help you grow.

Range of funding

Depending on your needs, we can offer fast Business Cash Advances from between £3,000 and £2m.


Yes. Both terms are often used interchangeably to describe the same product.

Kind of. Technically, all types of borrowing are a loan. However, there are a few key differences between a BCA and a loan.

Firstly, whereas some traditional loans are secured, a Merchant Cash Advance is not. This means that you don’t need to put up assets as collateral. So, you don’t need to be a homeowner to access this form of funding. Instead, the advance is secured against your current and future card takings.

Secondly, unlike normal loans, cash advances are flexible. During busy periods, you’ll pay off a larger chunk of your advance. During slower months, you’ll pay off less. In other words, the time it takes for you to repay the finance depends on your business performance. Another difference between a Business Cash Advance and a loan is that standard loans can incur large charges or penalties for early repayment. A cash advance doesn’t. Not only can you pay these back early without incurring a fee, it’s also impossible to make a late payment as the repayments are taken as a proportion of your card takings, rather than as a fixed amount.

Some of the benefits of getting a Merchant Cash Advance for your business include:

  • They are flexible and scalable - Merchant Cash Advances are ideal for growing businesses as they adapt with you as you grow. You pay back what you can afford based on your card sales.  
  • No need for collateral – Unlike a business loan, a Merchant Cash Advance is a way of freeing up cash without the need to put up any security. If you have a poor credit history or minimal assets, they can be a good option.
  • It’s quick – A BCA can be secured quickly and easily. You may even be able to get the funds within 24 hours of being approved.
  • Repayments are taken at source – You won’t need to worry about upcoming payments, as that’s all taken care of. You’ll also never miss a payment this way.
  • Say goodbye to hidden fees – As the cost of the loan is set at the start, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying, right from the off. 

Although a Business Cash Advance is a great option, it’s not without its downsides:

  • High fees – As the factor fee is decided at the start, if your business flourishes and you are able to repay the advance early, you’ll still have to pay the same fee. So, there is no option to save on interest like there is by settling a loan ahead of schedule.
  • Cash doesn’t count – Cash, bank transfers or cheque can’t be used to pay back your advance as it’s based on your card terminal receipts.
  • Borrowing limits – Ordinarily, Business Cash Advance lenders will only lend you 1-2 times your monthly card turnover. If you need more than that, a traditional loan may be a better option.

You’ll repay a small, pre-agreed proportion of your card sales. This means the amount you’ll have to pay varies depending on how your business is performing. If you’re having a quieter month, for example, you’ll repay less. This helps you manage your cash flow accordingly. 

You’ll be eligible for one of our quick Business Cash Advances if you take payments by card, have been trading for over 4 months and are based in England and Wales. 

A Merchant Cash Advance can benefit all kinds of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty salons
  • Retailers
  • Ecommerce stores 

We can offer Business Cash Advances of up to 175% of your monthly card takings, from £3,000 up to £2m.

One of the benefits is that you don’t pay interest or APR on a Merchant Cash Advance. Instead, you’ll pay a single cost which is agreed at the start of the advance. This fee is fixed and won’t change, even if you repay early. 

As you pay back a pre-agreed proportion of your card sales, the time it takes for you to repay depends on the value of your monthly card sales. This is different to a traditional loan where you may have fixed monthly payments. 

No, you don’t! One of the benefits of a small Business Cash Advance is that you don’t need to provide a security. Whether or not you’re approved for the loan is based on your card sales. 

If your application is approved, you could have the funds in your account within 24 hours.

Yes – and there are no early repayment fees.

To qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, you will need to have been trading for at least four months.

Taking out a cash advance should have no direct impact on your credit score. This is because your lender will normally only do a soft credit check. But it’s worth bearing in mind that if the lender has doubts as to whether you can meet your obligations, they may request a hard credit check. If this is the case, your credit score may be impacted.   

Yes, you can. One of the benefits of a Business Cash Advance is that they are suitable for companies with less-than-perfect credit scores. Rather than assessing your suitability using only your credit score, we will look at other factors – such as your monthly card revenue.

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a Business Cash Advance with us as a sole trader. 

Like any other loan, if you default on a payment, the lender may take action to salvage their loss. If you have provided a personal guarantee, the lender might take possession of the borrower’s assets to recover the cost of the loan.

That’s why it’s important that you’re able to repay the loan before you accept the offer. If you’re not sure whether a cash advance is right for you, we might be able to help you with another form of funding

Your Merchant ID Number is the number attached to your processing account (i.e. Lloyds/Barclays/Worldpay) and is used to identify your business for card payment processing. It is very similar to an account number on a bank account.

When you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance, you will come across the term ‘factor rate’. This is the multiplier to determine the price of your merchant loan. For example, if your factor rate is 1.4 on funding of £10,000 over twelve months, you’ll pay back £14,000. It is a fixed price and does not fluctuate like interest rates.

When you apply for merchant finance for your business, the split % is the amount of card sales repaid to Nucleus, i.e. 20%. This means 20% of your customers’ daily card transactions will be sent to Nucleus’ bank account as repayment.

A card processer, or acquirer, is a company that provides businesses with card processing accounts/card terminals. Key examples include Worldpay, Lloyds/Cardnet, FDMS/First Data, Barclaycard, Elavon, HSBC/Global Payments, AIB.

You should be able to, yes. Most Merchant Cash Advance lenders will be able to work with your existing provider. If not, you may need to swap your current card machine to a different provider. 

After you have applied for a Business Cash Advance, the director or sole trader of the business will have to sign a Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), which states the terms of the agreement. By signing it, you will be providing confirmation that Nucleus will have control of your card receivables throughout the contract.

A guarantee & indemnity form is a contract that must be signed by you when you apply for your Business Cash Advance. By signing it, you are providing confirmation that if your business does not or cannot pay, you will personally guarantee any outstanding repayments.

A mandate form is a document that must be signed and completed for each Merchant ID Number (MID) by the customer. It instructs the card processor (i.e. Worldpay) to divert the card terminal revenue into the Trust Account.

Processing statements, also known as card statements or acquirer statements, are monthly breakdowns of the revenue coming through each Merchant ID Number. For example, December 2021’s statement may show you that your business took 20 transactions, which totalled £10,000.

If your business has multiple Merchant ID Numbers (MIDs), then they can sometimes be grouped together under the Head MID/HQ. Any MIDs that sit under the HQ/Head MID are called Outlets.

If you don’t think that a Merchant Cash Advance is right for your business, why not take a look at our other types of funding? As well as off-the-shelf solutions, we can also offer a customised combination of products, tailored to your needs.

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