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Getting a business loan could help you grow or cover funding gaps. We offer flexible small business loans from £3,000 to £2,000,000 with the choice between unsecured and secured loans.

£3K to £2m
3 month to 7 year terms
Unsecured or secured

How do our Business Loans work?


Apply online in minutes

Transform your business in just a few simple minutes with our super easy application form.


Rapid decision

Get your offer almost instantly with our award winning technology.


Accept offer

If you wish to proceed with the agreement, you can sign your documents remotely and effortlessly on any device, anytime.


Receive your funds

You start spending your business loan to reach the potential you’ve always dreamed about.


Flexible repayments

Easy repayments await through fixed, weekly direct debits. Nice and simple, as it should be.

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What is a business loan?

A business loan is a way of borrowing money from a lender to fund your business. They’re available for a variety of business needs, whether you want to take advantage of opportunities to grow or boost your cash flow.

The term business loan is a broad one and they can work in a few different ways in terms of eligibility, application and repayment. Generally, you’ll apply to borrow an amount of money upfront, then pay it back in instalments over an agreed period with interest on top.

A loan like this can come in handy for a range of business types, ages and sizes. Lenders range from high-street banks to alternative business funding providers like Nucleus. We’re making it quicker and easier to get the finance you need.

Types of small business loans

Business loans in the UK are either unsecured or secured.

Unsecured loans are loans that businesses can apply for without using company or personal assets to back them up. They’re a quick and easy option if you lack assets or prefer not to offer them. Lenders will focus more on your credit history and financial performance instead.

Getting a secured business loan involves offering an asset such as property, stock or equipment as ‘security’ for the lender. This means that if your business can’t make the repayments, the lender can use your asset to recoup their money. You can usually borrow more money at better business loan rates with security because the risk is lower for the lender this way. We currently offer a pair of flexible lending solutions:

Nucleus Business Loans: Unsecured cash flow loans up to £2m.

Revenue-Based Finance: Our flexible financing option that allow you to borrow up to 200% of monthly revenue, up to £300k.

Our Loan Options

Find business finance that suits, whether you choose a secured or unsecured loan.

Business Loan FAQs

Most business loans don’t come with strict rules on how to use them, but it’s still worth having clear reasons in mind. Common ways our customers use finance include:

Working capital or cash flow

Our partner the British Business Bank reports that boosting cash flow is the main reason why UK SMEs seek finance.

New premises

Getting a business loan could allow you to move to a new and improved location or upgrade your current premises.

Unexpected bills

If a bill comes out of nowhere or is higher than expected, business finance can cover the cost.

Management buyout

External funding could provide the spending power you need to acquire more or all of your company’s assets and operations.


Could finance help you take advantage of an opportunity to buy more stock, train your team or market your product?

The best business loan for you will depend on a few key considerations. We recommend thinking about:

  • How much you want to borrow and why
  • How long you’ll ideally have to repay it
  • What type of business loan works for you – unsecured or secured, for example
  • Any important eligibility criteria, such as minimum trading time

Our two business loan products – Nucleus Business Loans and Revenue Based Loans – each work slightly differently.

Business Growth Loans are smaller unsecured loans repaid over six months, while Cash Flow Finance offers larger amounts and longer repayment terms on an unsecured basis.

If you’ve researched their ins and outs and still feel unsure, get in touch with our business finance experts. They’ll be able to answer your questions and recommend a product to suit your needs. We could even design a tailored funding package if it would fit your business better.

Nucleus is a fast and flexible alternative business funding provider with the credit facilities and expertise of the big banks. Since launching in 2011, we’ve already lent over £2.8bn in business finance to UK SMEs.

A range of business loans

Borrow from £3k to £2m to boost your business, with unsecured and secured finance available.

Quick and easy funding

Apply online in minutes and get same-day approval and funding, depending on your chosen product.

Flexible repayment terms

Short, medium and long-term repayment periods available based on your product and the amount you borrow.

Friendly team

Your dedicated account manager will get to know your business, answer your questions and recommend a funding solution that fits.

The amount you can apply to borrow varies between our business loan products.

  • Nucleus Business Loans: £10K – £2m
  • Revenue Based Loans: Up to 200% of your monthly revenue or up to £300k.

We offer short-term business loans with repayment terms from 3 months, all the way up to secured business loans spread over seven years. Your terms will depend on your chosen product and how much you want to borrow.

Your total loan cost will include how much you borrow, and the interest added on top. We’ll agree everything up front and never charge hidden fees or penalise you for repaying early.

Our starting business loan rates vary from product to product. Your exact rate will be based on factors to do with your business, so get in touch for a more accurate figure.

We aim to make decisions and transfer funding as quickly as possible to help you put your small business funding to use.

With our two unsecured business loan products, you could have the funds in your account within 24 hours once we have all the documents we need. Our secured business loans usually take around two to three weeks after your property valuation is complete.

Some providers will charge you extra for settling early. With Nucleus, you can repay your business loan early at no extra cost providing you pay the outstanding balance in full.

Every business has different needs, and we offer a range of business finance products to match. View our full range of small business funding solutions.

Finance for any business purpose

Could funding help you expand your premises, fulfil a large contract or hire more talent? Or maybe you need to boost your cash flow in a quiet season or cover long payment terms. As long as it benefits your company, you can use small business funding however you need to.

A variety of funding options

Small business loans in the UK come in all shapes and sizes from banks and alternative providers like Nucleus. Choose from unsecured and secured options with short, medium or long-term repayments to suit your business needs.

Designed for all businesses

Loans are accessible for a wide range of companies, from new business loans for start-ups to finance options for established firms. No matter your industry, size or age, you could get the funding you need to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Apply today and get the support you need.

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