A secured business term loan backed by residential or commercial property, up to £20m.

Secured business loan
Up to seven years
£25k to £20m
Stage payments considered

What is a Term Loan?

A Property Finance term loan is a fixed term loan, agreed for up to seven years. Once the repayment schedule and term length has been agreed, and your property valuation has been confirmed you will receive your loan amount in full.

Term loans differ from bridging loans in the way that they are repaid and also the mid-length nature of the product. Term loans have monthly repayments gradually reducing an outstanding balance, where as with bridging loans a one off ‘bullet’ payment at the end of the term, settles the outstanding balance.

How Term Loans work

Due to the nature of the Property Finance product, the time it takes from application to funding with a term loan varies, but is typically two to three weeks. To speed up your application, make sure you have employed a capable solicitor prior to application and have your documents readily available.


Get things started

You identify that your business needs finance and make an enquiry.


We’ll give you a call

We call you for a consultation and confirm that your business is eligible.


Send us your documents

You send us your documents and we send you an offer.


Valuation time

We complete a valuation on the property that you own.


Start winning

Once all the legal work and documents have been completed, you receive funding.

Apply for Property Finance


  • Property owner in England or Wales
  • From start-up
  • Business registered in England and Wales


  • Latest three months business bank statements
  • Full set of business accounts
  • For start ups: cash flow forecast and business plan

Other types of Property Finance

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