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When your business is moving fast, you need financing that can keep pace. With rapid decisions and funding in as little as 24 hours, find out how our fast business loans run right alongside you.

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What makes our Quick Business Loans so fast?

We’re able to provide rapid access to the financing your business needs. We offer business loans with quick approval at Nucleus because we believe your funding should be as adaptable and fast-paced as your business. Our award-winning technology allows us to reach a decision on your application in just a few minutes. Plus, our access to the fast business cash loans you need means you could have your money the very same day. We can offer quick and easy business loans thanks to the types of funding we’re able to offer and how we differ from traditional lenders. Secured business loans With traditional lenders, you will usually be taking out a secured line of credit where the loan amount is secured against your business’s assets or your personal ones. It is harder to provide a fast secured business loan, as additional checks on collateral ownership will need to be done before approving the loan. Unsecured Business Loans As an alternative business loan lender, we’re able to provide fast Unsecured Business Loans in as little time as possible. There are fewer eligibility requirements and you don’t need to put up collateral as security with an unsecured loan. This helps us provide an offer in no time at all.

What can Quick Small Business Loans be used for?

New premises

A coveted new location or an office expansion is in easy reach with a fast business loan.

Growth strategies

Unlock your business’s full potential with new marketing and growth strategies, powered by fast funding.

Recruitment drives

The right talent will help your business thrive. Hire the perfect people with a Quick Business Loan.

Unexpected bills

Dodge financial curveballs. No matter what life throws at your business, with financial support you can take it all in stride.

Buying and sourcing

New stock, reorders or product development, it’s all within reach with quick and easy business loans.

Peace of mind

Rest easy in the knowledge that your business has the funding it needs to keep up the pace.

What are the benefits of a fast business loan?

Rapid decisions

Our market-leading technology gives you a decision in minutes. No endless application, no agonising wait.

Quick access

Quick means quick. Your fast funding business loan could be with you in as little as 24 hours.

Range of funding

At Nucleus, we have a wide range of funding types so your business can get exactly what it needs.

Applying for Fast Business Loans online: how it works


Start your journey

Keep pace with your business needs by completing our simple application form.


Rapid offers

Receive your approval offer in a matter of minutes thanks to our award-winning technology.


Quick signing

Receive your approval offer in a matter of minutes thanks to our award-winning technology.


Same-day funding

Get access to your business funding in as little as 24 hours.


Back to business

Get back to work with the funding you need to soar!

Get your quick Business Cash Loan


  • Prove recent business profitability
  • Have a minimum of three years of trading history
  • Be registered in England or Wales
  • Own a home in England or Wales


  • Your last three months’ business bank statements
  • Your last three months’ business bank statements
  • Document of asset or collateral ownership (Fast secured business loans only)
Apply for an Unsecured Business Loan

Nucleus has helped thousands of businesses secure the essential funding they need to reach their goals. To date, we’ve lent well over £2 billion to SMEs across the UK and your company could be next. Read on to find out why we’re the premier quick business loan lender.

Rapid decisions

Apply for a fast business loan online in minutes and receive a decision on your funding in no time at all.

Same-day funding

Quick business loans are just that! Receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Range of business loans

Nucleus offers a wide variety of funding products for UK businesses. Whatever you need, when you choose us, we can make it happen.

A human approach

Talk with our team of friendly experts whenever you need to. We’re here to guide you through the process and help you get the funding you need.

Flexible payment terms

Our business funding is available with a range of flexible repayment terms, helping you manage the cost with ease.

No early repayment charges

If your business thrives, you shouldn’t be punished for it. That’s why we don’t charge early repayment fees on our fast business loans.

Business loans with fast approval can help your company stay one step ahead of an ever-changing world. Our client stories show just how our funding can help your business fly!

Quick cash business loans can be used to solve a huge variety of business challenges. At Nucleus, we’re not here to tell you how to use your business funding; your business is yours to grow, after all. We can tell you how our funding has been used in the past if you need a little guidance on how to use it wisely.

Management buyouts

Make moves that expand your company’s reach. Additional funding in a hurry can help make the move fast.

Business expansion

Are you looking for new premises? Or planning an expansion of your current site? Financing can help support your plans.

Hiring talent

When business is booming, you need the right talent to keep it that way. Quick business loans can help you get the teams you need.


From stock purchasing to refurbishments and marketing strategies to staff training, a fast business loan can drive you forward in unimaginable ways.

Quick business loan FAQs

Our funding options start from £10,000, but you can apply for more depending on the type of business loan you apply for. 

Our fast small business loans could be in your bank account the same day.

Never! At Nucleus, we don’t charge early repayment penalties, allowing you to pay back your loan in full whenever you like. 

No, applying for a quick business loan will not affect your credit score. If you are approved and proceed with your loan, this will show on your credit report.

Yes, even if you are applying for a Fast Unsecured Business Loan, you need to own a home in England or Wales to meet our eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for a quick unsecured business loan, you need to have been continually trading for the past three years.

Businesses can move at a rapid pace, especially when you are in growth mode. You might need fast funding for an unforeseen cost or to help with your essential expansion. Whatever it is, a quick and easy business loan can help.

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