Why Your “Fear of Funding” Could Mean the Downfall of Your SME

In this blog, Nucleus discuss why it is vital that your SME explores its potential funding options to avoid becoming one of the 90% of businesses that fail due to bad cashflow. A lack of working capital and contingency funds is a common challenge SMEs face, so learning how to overcome your fear of funding could be the solution to all your business woes.

How To Do Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is hugely important for all businesses and taking the time to create accurate cash flow forecasts will enable your business to stay one step ahead. You can refer to your cash flow forecast regularly to ensure you address any potential financial hiccups before they even arise. Continue reading this quick blog on the basics of calculating one…

How to Prepare Your Small Business For Brexit

With the deadline for Brexit growing closer with every day that passes, it is vital that SMEs are well prepared and ready to overcome any potential disturbances that may arise from the UK crashing out of the EU. In this blog, Nucleus provides insight on how to

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