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A Conversation with Jo Stafford: Celebrating 5 Years at Nucleus 

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Sean Owusu , 21 August, 2023

Meet Jo Stafford, our New Business Manager, a beacon of empathy, resilience, and leadership. This month marks a special milestone for Jo, as she celebrates five fantastic years at Nucleus. From her incredible ability to adapt to the needs of her team to her enthusiasm for swimming and decorating, Jo embodies the spirit of our company in every way.  

We recently sat down with her to dive into her journey, her passions, and the remarkable traits that make her not just an essential part of our organisation, but a true inspiration for us all. Join us as we explore the vibrant world of Jo! 

Introducing Jo 

Jo joined us back in 2018, when she joined Nucleus as Sales Support for the Direct Sales team. In her role, she supported the field sales in both the UK and India, covering all the products offered by us at the time. Her path to success was carved out by her relentless commitment to helping customers grow their businesses and making sure that payment processes were smooth and efficient. But it’s her managerial approach that sets her apart. 

“I love training my team,” Jo says with a glowing smile. “Seeing them understand something new and put it into practice makes me super proud.” This pride isn’t misplaced; it’s grounded in the love for her role and the joy she derives from nurturing those she manages. 

Outside the office, Jo is an early bird who loves to spend time with family, decorate her home (which she proudly purchased last year!), and indulge in murder series on Netflix (don’t we all!?) She finds joy in swimming and watching the fireworks at Lingfield Racecourse, and her favourite place to eat near the office is San Carlo. Her hobbies and interests reflect a balanced personality: headstrong, caring, and tidy, as her friends would describe her. 

But her life hasn’t always been smooth. Jo suffers from a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Yet, her tenacity hasn’t let this hold her back. “I’ve never allowed it to stop me from doing anything I wanted,” she asserts. 

Jo’s leadership at Nucleus is shaped by a keen sense of empathy. “Listening. That’s what it’s all about,” she says with an enthusiastic tone. “90% of communication is listening.” It’s a trait that once earned her the best compliment: “You are the best manager I’ve ever had; no one has ever listened to me like you do.” 

Managing two teams at Nucleus isn’t easy, and it comes with its misconceptions; people often think it’s a breeze, but as Jo candidly puts it, “it’s certainly not.” Yet, her adaptability and support for each individual team member have made her an exceptional manager. Even with her success in leadership, her desire to learn more about finance and business operations demonstrates that Jo still sees room for growth, always looking to push her boundaries and excel in her role. 

Now imagine your career path lands you a role here at Nucleus. You may think: ‘What’s the best way to make a positive impression here?’ Jo’s advice for Nucleus newcomers is succinct and impactful: “Take notes and ask lots of questions.” It’s a mantra that’s served her well. 

And if you ever catch Jo in a more whimsical mood, she might just tell you that her life is like a “comedy horror” film or that she’d perform as Pink if “Stars in Their Eyes” was back on the air. 

Jo is one of the many talented and passionate people who work at Nucleus to provide the best funding solutions for SMEs. Her blend of leadership, empathy, and innovation is just a glimpse into the heart and soul that fuels our mission every day. Her story is a vivid reminder that success in the professional world isn’t just about skill and knowledge; it’s about supporting others, resilience, and the pursuit of personal interests that keep us grounded and energized. 

If Jo’s story resonates with you, and you feel the spark of working alongside professionals like her, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you want to learn more about our products or find out more about our team, get in touch

Stay tuned for more insights into the members of our team soon! 

BY Sean Owusu




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