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Chirag Shah: Building a good team, great culture and the future of alternative finance

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JESSICA LAMBERT , 27 January, 2023

When our CEO, Chirag Shah, met with journalist Ben Lobel for lunch, the conversation turned to the future of the alternative finance industry and those cultural values that are close to Chirag’s heart.

They discussed Nucleus’ commitment to our clients long-term, and how using our multiple product offering, businesses can effectively graduate from the smaller loan products to larger amounts, or combine products to suit their exact needs.

“It’s not only about solving the problem today, it’s about solving the medium and long-term problems so the business can succeed.”

With the alternative finance market becoming saturated with over 1,000 lenders, will there be room for everyone in the future? What matters is standing out from the crowd and offering something that is both unique and truly useful to business borrowers.

“Whoever cannot achieve scale in a short period of time is going to struggle to be relevant in the market.”

Chirag discussed the personal pride he takes in building a team of top performers at Nucleus, from all different backgrounds (be it banking, tech or underwriting) and the important edge that this gives us over our competitors.

Our biggest [asset] we always say is our team. We have very experienced team, a good mix of very senior people in the risk department, and tech people. That mix helps us to analyse the business in a different way to a lot of other funders out there.

To hear more about how Chirag has built Nucleus from scratch, hired over 120 team members in under two years and see his predictions for the future of the finance industry, read the full article on growthbusiness.co.uk here.





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