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Get to know the Nucleus Team: Richard Brown 

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admin , 18 May, 2023

We recently sat down with our Risk Manager, Richard Brown, whom you will soon learn is highly skilled within his profession, as well as a man of many unique interests and quirky talents! 

Navigating the complex world of Risk Management 

For the past seven years, Richard has been responsible for guarding the company against potential losses and financial crime. He is the go-to person for anyone who feels that something is amiss with a deal or situation within the company. Richard liaises with the police, compliance companies, investigators, and other companies to ensure that Nucleus is protected. 

Richard has had an interesting career path to get where he is today. He started studying Genetics at University and ended up working in Nucleus, doing verification work for new Asset Based Loans the company was looking at. In his role, Richard has taken on a great deal of responsibility for essential office services, far beyond his original duties. Given how long he has been at Nucleus and how much the scope of his work has changed since then, Richard advises new members of staff not to restrict their interests to only what they have been contracted to do. The more knowledge they have of other areas of the company, the better they will be able to function. 

When asked about a professional skill he is currently working on, Richard humorously replied that he is learning to pick locks. Moreover, picking locks also serves as a way for Richard to relieve stress, so don’t be surprised if you hop on a video call and discover him picking locks during a conversation! He attributes his success to his enthusiasm for taking on unorthodox one-off tasks and enjoys being given weird business work by management. Richards says he excels at it, even if he does not have the initial set of skills. 

What excites Richard about his job? He is looking forward to the next RLS phase and finding new weird and wonderful stories about their deals. One work-related accomplishment that Richard is proud of is hearing about how low their default rate is compared to their competitors. He also loves looking at old decisions and seeing if they were correct in the end. 

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Richard’s position is that he just stalks Facebook folks. In reality, he has a much more crucial role in protecting the company against potential losses and financial crime. Richard is highly content with the duties he carries out at Nucleus, but if he could add one thing to our office, it would be a pool table! 

Richard’s Life Outside of Work 

What is Richard like when he hasn’t got his detective hat on? For starters, Richard’s friends would describe him as versatile, melodramatic, and knowledgeable. His guilty pleasure is retro gaming, and his favourite place to eat near the Nucleus office is Fogo de Chão in Chinatown.  

Holiday wise, Richard is hugely fond of the Christmas period and it’s his favourite time of year. He loves the decorations, music, food, and having his family around. While Richard excels at figuring out a different perspective on any given topic, he admits to being far less skillful at cooking.  

Other things to know? Richard is an NHS qualified phlebotomist, and one thing he reckons most people wouldn’t suspect about him is that he has flown a plane! Oh, and he can’t leave home without his phone – though this last point relates to most of us! 

Richard is a man of many talents and interests, and he’s always looking for new challenges. If he could choose a superpower, it would be pre-cognition and the best compliment Richard has ever received is that he has his own theme song in the office. We really do love him as part of our team! 

We trust that you found our chat with Richard insightful, where he shared a deep dive into his career at Nucleus and gave us a glimpse into his personality. Richard is one of the many talented and passionate people who work at Nucleus to provide the best funding solutions for SMEs.   

If you want to join our team or learn more about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us today. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more insights into the members of our team soon! 

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