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Women In Leadership: Lovina Fernandes

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admin , 18 May, 2023

With International Women’s Day just moments away, we’re celebrating the amazing women at the helm of everything we do at Nucleus this week. We’ll be introducing you to the fantastic female leaders making waves within our organisation. 

Introducing Lovina Fernandes

Lovina joined our Business Support Team almost a year ago as an Assistant Manager and she’s evolved a lot during her time here. She helps to oversee the team, ensuring quality, productivity and performance are consistently at peak levels.

She’s no stranger to delivering exceptional customer service, having worked as a team leader in many organisations before joining our awesome team. She’s adept at bringing teams together to deliver high standards across the board.

Lovina has her hands full at Nucleus, as she’s the gatekeeper when it comes to company policies, ensuring they are followed to the T throughout the firm. She maintains best practice across her department and supports customers at every stage of their funding journey.

As an Assistant Manager, Lovina feels strongly about the importance of female leaders in positions of influence, as they establish relatable role models for women in any organisation. In her words, it’s critical to the career advancement of women and it generates broad societal impacts on pay equity, workplace policies and attracts a more diverse workforce.

Lovina’s Personal Formula to Success in the Finance World

Lovina has shared her 4 best tips for how women can carve out successful leadership careers for themselves and help empower the next generation of women to come.

  1. Empowering those around you to be heard and valued makes the difference between a leader who simply instructs and one who inspires. The world’s most prominent women leaders show the importance of honesty, courage, impact, and decisive action in leadership.
  2. Keep an ‘I am wonderful’ file – This is a folder where you store positive feedback and notes about your work and the impact you’ve had. On those tough days, go to that file and remind yourself of how wonderful you really are.”
  3. Learn small things every day about your area of interest, not just the skills it takes to do the job. Take a few minutes to look at industry news, influencers, or subject matter experts. Over time, this can help you build confidence to communicate in interviews and with your colleagues.
  4. Know your values. Really think about what those things are that you value, what are those things that you need, and look for a work environment that will value your right to pursue those things. Centring your work experience around your own sense of well-being will, ultimately, enable you to show up as your best self.

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