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Nucleus Commercial Finance responds to The SME Finance Charter

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JESSICA LAMBERT , 26 January, 2023

We fully support the SME Finance Charter. These five pledges will enable SMEs to seek the finance that best suits their circumstances and provide them with the right information about the full range of options available.

We’ll help you prepare for Brexit and beyond

At a time of uncertainty, having access to financial support is paramount. UK SMEs underpin our economy and here at Nucleus we are committed to helping Britain’s businesses thrive. We work with businesses to help support their growth ambitions, improve their infrastructure or to invest in new assets.

We’re open for business and ready to lend

At Nucleus Commercial Finance, we combine the stability of bank finance with the flexibility and speed of alternative lending platforms, to make solution-led finance accessible to a growing number of businesses. We offer anywhere between £3,000 to £50m to help these companies achieve their ambitions over the short, medium or long-term.

We’ll support your application and signpost other options if needed

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of growing businesses. As one of a few multi-product lenders within the alternative finance space, we’re able to leverage the benefits of a wider range of products thanks to the expertise of our team. Having product specialists and quality surveyors on-board enables us to better serve our customers through a combination of products that provide all-encompassing financial support that is structured to meet their individual needs.

We’ll treat you fairly at all times

Our customer principles ensure that we seek the right outcomes for all our customers, and always try to ensure that our pricing is fair. Taking time to understand the needs of our customers is engrained in the business, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service at all times.

We’ll work with the Government-owned British Business Bank to support SMEs

We remain committed to helping SMEs achieve their ambitions, continuing to work with the BBB and other initiatives to support UK businesses in a challenging environment.





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