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Women In Leadership: Jessica Lambert

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admin , 18 May, 2023

At Nucleus, we’re celebrating the amazing women at the helm of everything we do. We’ll be introducing you to the fantastic female leaders making waves within our organisation.

Introducing Jessica Lambert

Jess is a talented writer and marketer who has achieved great success in her career so far. While studying journalism and creative writing at university, Jess became the editor of her university newspaper and a student representative. It was during these roles that she realised her passion for giving a voice to people and helping to deliver what they want and need. Realising the value of grasping the necessities of both the enterprise and the clientele, Jessica embarked on a career helping businesses finding that harmony.

After graduating from university, Jess started her career as a content and social media executive for a year before working as a freelance content specialist for brands in almost every industry, honing her skills and expertise along the way. It wasn’t long before Jess caught the attention of Dapa, an award-winning digital marketing agency. She joined the company as a Content Marketing Manager and quickly proved herself to be an invaluable asset. Within just three months, she was promoted to Head of Content, a role that required her to manage a team of 14 writers and deliver over a million words of content each month to the agency’s portfolio of clients.

One of the biggest clients at Dapa was Nucleus and Jess oversaw all of our content, transforming the blog and all website landing pages. She worked closely with the internal marketing team here at Nucleus and eventually took complete ownership of all the Nucleus content, writing each piece herself.

Jess’s dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed. After a year at Dapa, Nucleus offered her a job as their new content and brand manager. She was thrilled at the opportunity to work more closely with the company and to use her skills to help them grow.

Over the next 2.5 years, Jess was directly responsible for content, brand, PR, and social media at Nucleus. She worked closely with her team and her colleagues to develop innovative marketing campaigns that resonated with customers and helped the company grow. When her former boss left, Jess took the reins and was promoted to Marketing Manager. While there was a steep learning curve, Jess loved the challenge of building her own team from scratch and managing the entire tender process for hiring external agencies to support the marketing department.

Today, Jess is a key member of the senior management team at Nucleus and sits on the ESG committee too. She has shown a keen ability to understand people, manage her growing team, and deliver results for NCF. Her achievements in the marketing industry are a testament to her talent and hard work, and she continues to inspire those around her with her dedication to excellence.

Jess’s Personal Trifactor to Success in the Finance World

Jess is passionate about empowering women in business and has shared her three most essential strategies for success, helping to inspire and uplift future generations of women in leadership roles.

If you want to lead, learn to be comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone

It’s going to feel alien at first, you’ll sometimes be expected to provide answers you don’t feel you have, but ultimately, they can be found, you’re most likely the best person to dispense them and you just need to learn to own your decisions. As long as your choices are well thought out, justified and made with the right knowledge to hand, you’ll be fine! Saying that, I’m a strong believer in intuition and following that gut feeling. Taking calculated risks will often pay off, you’ve just got to be willing to accept failure, swallow your pride and learn from choices that didn’t pan out how you’d hoped.

Never doubt yourself, you’re where you are for a reason

I spent a lot of time doubting whether I can do X, Y or Z. I initially shied away from taking the reins for heading up the marketing department as I felt I was too young and didn’t know enough. Turns out, I know exactly what I need to for this role and I’m constantly learning and evolving in this role. With such a fast paced industry, being an expert 3 years ago doesn’t automatically make you an expert of today. Keep on learning, keep on pushing yourself and don’t turn fantastic opportunities down because you’re afraid of the challenge – if the powers that be think you’re good enough, that’s all that matters.

Speak up if you have something to say

I find that so many women feel they shouldn’t speak up and share their opinion or suggestions because they are worried it’s going to be wrong or be undervalued. I always speak my mind when I know I have enough subject knowledge to confidently share valid arguments on a topic. I’m very lucky to be part of an organisation that values every opinion and I always feel listened to. When it comes to making decisions for my department, my expertise and knowledge are always respected, sign off is left to me and I’m able to have open, honest debates where my voice is always heard. For those women (and men) who feel they aren’t listened to, speak up once more… and if you’re not heard, find somewhere that welcomes what you have to contribute, because that’s how you’ll find happiness and satisfaction in any future role you take on. 

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