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Women In Leadership: Mercy George

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JESSICA LAMBERT , 15 May, 2023

At Nucleus, we’re celebrating the amazing women at the helm of everything we do. We’ll be introducing you to the fantastic female leaders making waves within our organisation.

There are no two ways about it, more and more women are being recognised and climbing the ranks to take the seats at the top they rightly deserve. We believe in empowering everyone at NCF, but in this mini-series, we’ll be focusing on the super-talented female leaders that shape what happens behind the scenes at Nucleus.

There are many women in leadership roles, in both our London and Mumbai offices and that’s because we value hard work, passion and dedication, regardless of gender.

Introducing Mercy George

Mercy George, our Associate Director in Quality, started on 5th February 2019  as a Quality leader. Soon after, with her dedicated mindset to achieve more, she was promoted to Quality Manager. With her drive to succeed, she strived for more and was promoted once again within the company to become an Associate Director in April 2022. As you can see, Mercy climbed the ranks at a rapid pace, though this did not come as a surprise given her determination to delivering the highest quality of service throughout the organisation.

At Nucleus, Mercy works shoulder-to-shoulder with her team, bringing creativity to the table as well as innovative ideas. She introduced QPMS and is currently expanding operations further, by streamlining monitoring and continually improving processes. In a short space of time, Mercy has seen horizontal and vertical growth and has gained tremendous visibility within the Nucleus team.

Prior to Mercy’s journey at Nucleus, she developed a robust customer satisfaction and quality measurement system at Tech Mahindra Business Services Group, which was formally known as Hutchinson 3 Global Services. Her goal was to digitalise and streamline processes for ease, increase productivity and improve efficiency. She previously built and led a team in operations for Sales and Retention, which was such a great success, it topped the charts in performance across locations. She was also an active member of events management and employee engagement, alongside her other responsibilities.

She’s Listed as One of the 500 Best Managers Across the Globe

Some of Mercy’s greatest achievements are that she was nominated for 3 consecutive years for the Gallup award and was listed among the 500 best managers across the globe.  She’s always wanting to do more and constantly helps others, empowering them and building confidence in those around her.

Apart from the busy, hard-working life she has, Mercy is a loving mother to her teenage daughter and has a passion for music.

Mercy follows the teachings of Christ and due to her strong religious beliefs, volunteers at Sharan, an organisation that supports destitute girls in need. She always goes above and beyond to help and care for those around her, which is why she’s such a huge asset to the Nucleus team.

Here’s something that Mercy had to say about leadership:

“Ideal leadership has no gender, though female leadership is surely worth celebrating. Women have had to strive & struggle for generations to find their place in the workplace. With the number of working women being higher than it has ever been, the importance of female leaders has become more prominent than ever too.

A female worker finds immense hope in seeing a female leader within their organisation. This alone, tends to more often than not, reinforce their confidence – that their efforts too, will not go without reward and that career progression is a realistic hope. As a result, this encourages women to give it their all and to not treat a workplace as just a place to earn income.

An organisation with female leaders demonstrates how they value diversity & inclusion, thus assuring the workforce of a thoughtful and inclusive environment conducive of merit-based performance. I’m glad and lucky that Nucleus is one such organisation.”

Mercy’s Personal Trifactor to Success in the Finance World

Mercy concluded with 3 tips for how women can rise to the top of the organisations they work for, as it’s possible to succeed when you put your mind to it, especially when you place that hunger to achieve more at the forefront of everything you do.

1. Invest in yourself

Upskill! Put in the extra effort. Continue working on yourself and your career, even once your work day is over. A little effort can go a long way and it’s often those that go above and beyond that see amazing results in the end.

2. Be proactive, not reactive

This applies both personally and professionally. Being reactive in nature means you don’t always get the best result. When you’re proactive, it means you’re prepared and when you’re prepared, you’ll always get a far superior outcome!

3. Ensure you have a great work-life balance

I put so much energy into my job during work hours, as I genuinely love what I do and don’t view work as a chore. However, to do this, I also need time to recharge my batteries, enjoy time with my family and ultimately, enjoy life outside of the office walls. Remember, balance is everything, so it’s important to get it right!





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