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Women In Leadership: Pawan Sallan

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admin , 18 May, 2023

With International Women’s Day just moments away, we’re celebrating the amazing women at the helm of everything we do at Nucleus this week. We’ll be introducing you to the fantastic female leaders making waves within our organisation. 

Introducing Pawan Salian

Pawan joined our Collections Team at Nucleus three years ago as a Credit Controller, bringing with her an incredible amount of knowledge from her 15 years in similar roles. She’d previously managed smaller teams across collections, operations, debt recovery and customer service. IBM, HSBC and Capita are just some of the huge corporates she’s worked for, so we were excited to have her join our growing collections team.

Pawan quickly capitalised on an intuitive leadership program which propelled her into her next challenge where she led a small team of credit controllers. She took the opportunity and ran with it and that was ultimately the catalyst for Pawan’s next step in her career.

Whilst being in a leadership role as part of such a critical team was daunting at first, Pawan saw the fantastic opportunity presented to her and jumped at the challenge to improve on her leadership skills. Guiding and supporting her team has been a great source of contentment for Pawan in her role and it solidified her already growing interest in leadership.

These days, she can be found providing direction for her team as Collections Manager – a team that she’s grown, innovated and managed to the highest of standards. She’s also been instrumental in setting up important collections and credit control processes.

We’ve invested time and trust into Pawan, as she’s proven herself to be a great asset to not only our Collections Team but the entire organisation.

Pawan understands the importance of females in leadership as it brings greater diversity, new ideas and a fresh perspective to our business. In an especially male dominated discipline, female leadership and representation often increases innovation and productivity. The fields of IT and Information Systems are becoming more diverse with an increase in female graduates in these disciplines. Female leadership is therefore critical to this growth.  

Pawan’s Personal Trifactor to Success in the Finance World

Pawan shared her best tips for how women can carve out successful leadership careers for themselves and help empower the next generation of women to come.

Stay high on integrity

It’s critical to remain loyal to oneself and uphold integrity, openness, and consistency in all deeds and choices. Maintaining reliability cultivates a credible reputation and encourages respect and trustworthiness among co-workers and followers.  It also involves treating others with respect and fairness, honouring commitments, and taking responsibility for mistakes.

Take calculated risks

When discussing calculated risks, I emphasise the importance of making informed decisions, based on careful examination of potential outcomes and risks. I conduct in-depth study and due diligence, taking into account other possibilities and consulting experts or reliable peers for guidance. It also entails being willing to try new approaches or ideas outside of one’s comfort zone, while also being aware of any potential consequences. This trait of mine served me well during the pandemic situation.

Practice Resilience

I practice resilience by maintaining a positive attitude, having a growth mindset, and developing strong coping strategies. I accomplish this by establishing a supportive network of colleagues and mentors who can assist me in overcoming adversity and thriving in my work. It enables me to recover from setbacks and stay focused on achieving my objectives. I view failure as a learning experience, surround myself with encouraging people, and prioritise self-care. This characteristic enabled me to face challenges with confidence and lead my team to success.

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