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Women In Leadership: Yasmine Holliday

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admin , 18 May, 2023

At Nucleus, we’re celebrating the amazing women at the helm of everything we do. We’ll be introducing you to the fantastic female leaders making waves within our organisation.

Introducing Yasmine Holliday

Yasmine kickstarted her career in financial services by joining NatWest in 2002 undertaking a variety of roles. As a Regional Share-Dealing Manager for NatWest Stockbrokers, Yasmine was accountable for leading and directing a team of Stockbroking Support Managers who were responsible for the coaching and delivery of Stockbroking services across 208 Private Banking Managers and 3 Private Banking Centres within a network exceeding 800 branches.

With 15 years of experience working for NatWest, Yasmine has a proven track record of developing talent to build high-performing teams. There is no better way to prove this than acquiring the highest service award for delivering outstanding performance and service to clients!

After moving on to work at Bibby for 8 months, we welcomed Yasmine to our team in 2017 as a Business Development Manager. After 2 years of exceptional performance, Yasmine was promoted to her current role as a Business Development Director. Yasmine is responsible for overseeing the entire sales team, driving revenue growth, and nurturing the broker network alongside her team. Her vast knowledge of the industry has allowed her to develop creative and effective sales strategies that have consistently generated new business for Nucleus.

Yasmine’s leadership skills have enabled her to successfully guide her team through various challenges, resulting in significant growth for Nucleus. Her commitment to building strong relationships with clients and brokers has been integral to the organisation’s continued success.

Yasmine’s Personal Trifactor for becoming a successful leader in the Finance World

Yasmine has shared her 3 top tips for how women can become a successful leader in business and empower the next generation of women to come.

Embrace Progress over Perfection

Yasmine acknowledges her path to success may look different to other women given that she has been a Mum of 19 years, but notes that all successful leaders have a shared desire to learn and be driven by their curiosity. Yasmine also realises perfectionism can be a hindrance to success. Instead of aiming for perfection, focus on progress. Embrace the learning process, celebrate your small wins, and learn from your failures.

Share perspectives

Successful leaders are open-minded and value diverse perspectives. Listen actively to others, collaborate with them to achieve shared goals, and mentor them by sharing your own experiences and knowledge. Speak up and share your own thoughts and ideas with confidence, and practice effective communication skills, such as active listening and empathy.

Build a network

Yasmine has built a network in her career that spans over 20 years which has been pivotal in her career achievements. Attend networking events, connect with like-minded professionals on social media platforms like LinkedIn, and seek out mentors and sponsors who can offer guidance, support, and opportunities. Be proactive in building relationships and maintaining connections and offer your own support and assistance when needed.

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